Delmarva Power Energy Savings for Business Program:
Small Building Tune-up

Application Instructions

Once you begin the online application, it must be completed in full. Please have the following information available prior to beginning:

• Business Contact Information: Mailing Address, Phone, Email
• Service Provider Information: Mailing Address, Phone, Email
        • You must use an approved Building Tune-up Service Provider
• Delmarva Power Account Number
• Facility Information: HVAC Systems in the Facility, Annual kWh Usage, Peak kW and Month Occurring

Refer to the Small and Full Building Tune-up Technical Sheet for detailed information including:

• Eligibility requirements and incentives, including important technical information
• Instructions for submitting a complete application, including standard and specialized documentation required. It is critical that you follow these instructions throughout the process to ensure your project application is processed as quickly as possible

Please confirm that you meet the following minimum eligibility requirements prior to submitting an application to participate in Delmarva Power's Small Building Tune-up Program.

• Is the building greater than 2 years old?
• Is the mechanical equipment in relatively good condition?
• Does the building have an unusually high amount of comfort complaints (hot and/or cold calls)?
• Are you planning to work with a certified retro-commissioning service provider? (Please see the Technical Resources Manual for a list of certifying organizations and rules for non-certified providers.)
• Is ownership and/or senior management committed to the remaining phases of the Building Tune-up process?
• Can you provide and assist with the reporting and collection of information pertaining to the retro-commissioning of the facility?
• Have you reviewed the Building Tune-up requirements in the Technical Resources Manual?

If you answered yes to the above questions, please complete this application. In reviewing your application, Delmarva Power will be reviewing evidence that cost-effective Building Tune-up opportunities exist at your facility. Delmarva Power's decision regarding the selection of program applicants into the Building Tune-up Program will be final and binding for all parties.

Remember: Pre-approval is required for all projects. Please review the Terms & Conditions for online applications. Fill out the form electronically using our convenient, fillable PDF to save time, paper, and hassle.

Access information on how to clone existing applications here.

Are you ready to begin your application?

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